> On 23.03.2011 15:42, Jeremy White wrote:
> > I'm not sure the approach I use would help you as I draw the whole
> > screen (fonts, graphics, backgrounds etc). I've looked at this again,
> > and I think I've fixed the bug within Win32::GUI. You mentioned that you
> > built Win32::GUI from scratch, so if you replace the DestroyWindow
> > method in GUI.xs (around line 2231) with the code below it should fix
> > things for you...
> I think this would be better placed in the Perlud_free() function found
> in GUI_Helpers.cpp. this is automatically called upon WM_QUIT message
> for all windows created by Win32::GUI, so you don't even need to relay
> on Perl calling DESTROY on objects. if you want, I can commit this to
> CVS as soon as I get to setup my dev. environment :-)

My code was only a hack:) Yes, perlud_free is the ideal place - go ahead an commit it to CVS:)

There may be other objects that need deleting (fonts) and it looks like there is a minor leak somewhere aswell...

Does this mean you are "back for good"?