I understand where you are coming from, a diff would make replacement of the original files easier. I was, however, considering a complete rewrite of the documentation, including the structure, which would make patching the existing files interesting. An alternative would be to copy my docs over the docs generated in the build process, before doing "make install". Another way would be to edit the makefile to prevent the docs being generated, then move my docs into their place, then do "make install". For those people who use the PPMs they have less options. The best they can do is copy my docs over the originals after installing the PPM. It was suggested I set up a dedicated website for the documentation. This would certainly overcome any of these problems.
> Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 20:25:06 +0200
> From:
> To:;
> Subject: Re: Win32::GUI Documentation
> Kevin Marshall schrieb:
> > Reini,
> >
> > Here is my updated version of the Win32::GUI Documentation. If you have
> > any questions or comments, please post them on the mailing list.
> That's the problem and that's what I've thought.
> You were fixing the *generated* pod files, but not the source of the
> documentation. The source for those pods are the comments in the
> modules. On the next *make poddocs* your tree is overwritten.
> A diff will be preferred then, to merge it into the sources. I'll see
> what I can do.
> > Attachment:
> > Name: Win32-GUI-Docs-1.01.tar.gz
> > Size: 148643 B
> > MD5: 3095e99e8ae34c97fb1187ff432064bd
> >
> > The docs are in POD format. If you want them in HTML, use pod2html.
> > Hope these are useful.
> --
> Reini Urban

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