Did you create this ListView control yourself in a Perl Win32::GUI script? If so, you can use the object returned when creating the control to access methods for that control, like so:

my $listview = Win32::GUI::ListView->new(...);
# or
my $listview = $parent->AddListView(...);

Here is some code that can be used to iterate each item in a ListView control:

for my $i (0 .. $listview->GetItemCount()-1){
    my %item = $listview->GetItem($i);

To get at any of the items in a ListView control, you need to know the index of the item that you wish to query.





I want to read values present inside ListView Control which is embedded inside System Tab Control.


Flow is like this


Form  --------contains------------à Blank Dialog Class --------contains-------------à System Tab Control ------------ one tab contain --------à List view control.



Can anyone please suggest how to read value inside this hierarchy?





Thanks & Regards

Prasad V. Joshi

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