Hello guys,


Recently I've noticed a problem with combobox control. The control is created with following properties:



                        -name => "SearchField",

                        -autohscroll => 1,

                        -top => 4,

                        -default => 1,

                        -left => 4,

                        -width => 100,

                        -height => 200,

                        -dropdown => 1,

                        -hasstring => 1,

                        -align => "left");


I use this control as a search field (text field) with drop-down list of last searches. The problem is when user enters 10 digits into this field, application terminates. If there is any non-digit in the string, 10 characters or more fits with no problem. But if I type only digits it terminates after typing the 10th symbol.


Win32::GUI v.1.06

ActiveState Perl 5.8.8



Don't you guys know if it's my problem or Win32::GUI's? Have you experience this problem in your apps?


Thank you!



Ilya Bandorin



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