my $icon = new Win32::GUI::Icon("Icon.ico");
my $ni = $Window->AddNotifyIcon(
 -icon => $icon,
 -id => 1,
 -name => ni,
 -tip => "Mouseover shows this",
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From: Eric Hansen []
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 4:45 PM
Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] How to change window/dialogbox icon

Can someone show me an example how to

Change the camel (perl) icon to a user-defined icon?

In both Windows and DialogBoxes?


I tried using Windows/DialogBox option       –icon  =>  $myicon,


Where $myicon is either defined as…


$Icon = new Win32::GUI::Icon("C:\\Bibles\\bible.bmp");


$Icon = new Win32::GUI::Bitmap("C:\\Bibles\\bible.bmp",1);


But neither work.