Hi there,
Anyone used this module successfuly? If I attempt to run the synopsis code:
use Win32::GUI;
  use Win32::GUI::DIBitmap;
  $W = new Win32::GUI::Window (
              -title    => "Win32::GUI::DIBitmap test",
              -pos      => [100, 100],
              -size     => [400, 400],
              -name     => "Window",
  $dib = newFromFile Win32::GUI::DIBitmap ('image.jpg');
  $hbitmap = $dib->ConvertToBitmap();
  undef $dib;
  $W->AddButton (
    -pos     => [100, 100],
    -size    => [200, 200],
    -bitmap  => $hbitmap,
    -name    => "Button",
    -visible => 1,
  sub Window_Terminate { -1 }
I get a undef back from newFromFile., and hence, the rest does not work.
I'm using ActivePerl 5.6, and the 5.6PPM version of Win32::GUI::DUBitmap from http://perso.club-internet.fr/rocherl/Win32-GUI-DIBitmap-PPM-56.zip 
Any clues?

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