Can the maximum characters stored in a Listview column be increased to value above 1023 bytes?

I need to store memo field data from an MS-Access database with more than 1023 characters

In the field.   I have done a print statement in my ODBC fetch statement to ensure all the memo

Data is returned to the PERL program before inserting into the ListView.  Data is all there in the

Print. But when I print the data after loaded to ListView, it truncates to 1023 chars.   This is bad

Because my program is written to load DB data to the ListView first.  Then when a user clicks

A ListView item, the data is placed in a maintenance screen for editing in multiline textfields.

But since the Listview does not hold but 1023 chars, the data does not get populated entirely into

The textfields.  


Can the ListView max text size value be set to accommodate more text than 1023 bytes?


The length of data displayed in a ListView column is less than 1023 bytes.   You may only

See 700 bytes in the ListView, but it actually stores 1023 bytes.  The amount of data shown

In the ListView column is not dependant on font size either.  I see the same length of data

With a small font as with a large font.  That is just an FYI.