FYI everyone if you have not yet experienced this anomaly…


If you are running Windows Messenger or possibly even Yahoo Messenger

And possibly even an  anti-virus program in the background while compiling

Your perl Win32-GUI application with the IndigoStar compiler, you will

Experience problems like:


1)      for a win32 gui message box, both  text and the ok button show as blank.

2)      Gui File save dialog does not come up  Hour glass runs continually.


These are just a couple problems I have noticed/experienced. 


And what is more peculiar is that some problems only show up when the compiled

application is installed onto a network drive and ran over the network via a desktop shortcut

pointing to it.


For example, the Win32 Gui File Save dialog runs ok when I run the application over

The network from the PC  that I compiled the application on, but when another

User on the network runs the application the same way, they get the hour glass

And no File Save dialog ever comes up.     


When I shut down Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Anti Virus software,

And recompiled and installed the application again to the network drive, the application

Then ran fine for everyone on the network.


Eric Hansen

Dallas, TX USA