Thanks for that help. Seems to be just what I wanted.

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Sent: Thursday, 24 April 2008 1:31 a.m.
Subject: Re: [perl-win32-gui-users] Window doesn't appear until codehas finished

I think he means he wants to use threads. So that one thread can take care of the window in the foreground and another the code in the background...

Ilya BANDORIN wrote:

What do you mean by “in background”?

If you wish to perform some tasks “in background” while user sees login window, enters his login/pass, etc - I think the only way is to create a multithreaded application.

But if you just want to create/show window and then perform some extra code, you can call Win32::GUI::DoEvent instead of Win32::GUI::Dialog(). It will draw the window and all stuff but won’t “stop” for interaction with user. Of course you should call Win32::GUI::Dialog() at some point to allow user to interact with your application.

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Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] Window doesn't appear until code has finished

I'm writing a login gui in perl and I've got a mental block:

I've created my gui:

my $main = Win32::GUI::Window->new(
        -name   => 'Main',
        -width  => 600,
        -height => 400,
        -text   => 'GHS Login',
        -sizable=> 0,
        -hasminimize => 0,
        -hasmaximize=> 0,
… widgets positioned

My question is, how can I get the  window to be displayed and then have perl code running in the background?
I've tried:
sub Main_Activate {
        … perl code
return 0;
The perl code runs and then the window appears.

Brian Rowlands
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