Hi all
Enjoy reading all the help emails generated by this group so thought I'd ask for some help please with listview.

I've used TheLoft to create a gui interface for a program I'm writing. A button I click is meant to read a selected line from a listview pane and display the results in a selection of tf / cb controls:

    # determine which rows have been selected
    my @selection = $win-> lvwFleece-> SelectedItems();
    my $size    = @selection;   # determine how many rows have been selected
    my %temp;                        # hash for reading listview data
    my $field;                           # field name to match column heading

    if ((@selection) and ($size == 1)) {
        # display the one row selected
        foreach my $c (0..$max_fleece-1) {
            %temp = $win-> lvwFleece-> GetItem($selection[0],$c);
            $field = $fleece_fields[$c];
            $win-> $field-> Text("$temp{-text}");

The code works and produces the required output but I have some queries that puzzle me.

1. @selection contains the index values of the rows selected. However, if no rows are selected I was expecting it to be return a () array but printing its size in such a case shows a value of 1. Why would that be?

2. I really need some better way to determine if the listview has been clicked. The event ItemClick(ITEM) in the package description for listview looks as though it could be a better option for me. Can someone kindly help me to construct the line to determine if the listview has had a line selected please? I'm still learning perl and I'm puzzled how to do this simple task.

Brian Rowlands
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