Hi folks
I'm absolutely new to The Loft software but I've been playing with the product to design a screen for use in administration on my school network. One issue I have is over clusters and how they appear to work and I'm wondering if anyone can offer some "Pearls of Wisdom" - forgive the pun.

Hypothetical Scenario
Assume I have three tabs called A, B and C (on a tabstrip). Also, suppose I have 5 controls named 1 - 5.

How can I get:
        A: to show all of the controls
        B: to show 2 - 4
        C: to show 3 - 5

I ask as my impression is from running Test showing of my screen design:

i) anything that is never selected appears on all tabs

ii) anything selected and linked to a tab via a cluster only appears on the associated tab and never on multiple tabs.

I'm sure I've got a mental block and there is a simple solution but all my testing seems to have me going round in circles.

Appreciate any help I can get.

Brian Rowlands
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