Not sure exactly what you're asking but the easiest way I've found to open html files with the users' preferred browser is to let the OS decide and simply execute that file like so:
This works on NT4, but I doubt it would work on Win9x/ME. If that's the OS you're working with I suppose your script could use Win32::Registry to find the default browser.
But, of course, this may not have been your question :)
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I think a question similar to this may have been asked, but i didn't find it in the mailing list archive, so here goes...I'm looking to make or embed a web browser window of some sort as part of my own win32::gui program.  i wouldnt really like to use any specific browser (ie, netscape, etc.), because different people use different browsers, so is there perhaps some sort of small existing program i could use to interpret and display html properly?

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