Good Evening All,

First, a "thank you" to Glenn and Brian for their quick responses to my
last inquiry.

re: textfield -prompt, two points, the second one directed to Robert,

1) the -prompt option in textfield does, in fact, create a label object,
although with a small font (7 or 8 point).  I have tried to change the
-font option of the 'new' object but seem to be running afoul of not
being able to 'modify a constant'. 

2) Hello Robert: You have provided a GREAT work to us lesser beings.
When I use:  textfield -prompt, I am greeted with:
        Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry
        at C:/Perl/site/lib/Win32/ line 276.
This is not a fatal error and the program will "run" and the prompt
displays, although with my complaint above.

For those of us in the 'colonies', hopefully our tummy's have not
become so expanded from the Day of Thanks, that our keyboard is
no longer within reach.

And to All Others around this dab of dust, that we call Earth, joyous
greetings and goodwill to You during this traditional Season of Peace.