I've not heard of GUI Builder. Does it do what it sounds like, has a GUI interface to help design a Win32::GUI window by (hopefully) allowing the user to dragndrop widgets onto a window and it converts it to the appropriate code?
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The GUI FAQ (http://www.jeb.ca/faq/Win32-GUI-FAQ.html ... praise, praise) points to ftp://ftp.wh.whoi.edu/pub/gb109.zip for the GUI Builder. I dunno if that link still worx or if there has ever been a newer version. 1.09 helps a lot as compared to having nothing, but it was always said to be in the making. There is another link a few lines down, to the GUI Loft @ http://www.bahnhof.se/~johanl/perl/Loft/ (more praise!) that you might want to check out.
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hye all,
where can'i find the GUI Builder ?