Besides resizing the window, you need to move the other objects, using something like this:


This is actual piece of code. It moves a bitmap 'Logo' 325 pixels to the left of the right side but does not move it up or down when the window is resized.

Here's one from the same script that moves it up and down but not left/right.

$Window->Status->Move(0, $Window->ScaleHeight-$Window->Status->Height);


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> Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] Q: Resize problem maximising from
> windows toolbar
> [I'm new to to Win32::Gui so apologies if this is frequently asked. I
> have searched the web and looked in FAQs etc but without finding an
> answer]
> I have a simple window created using Loft. It has a few controls which
> move correctly when the window is resized (using the
> Win32::GUI::Resizer). I can resize correctly with the drag handle
> (bottom right).
> If I minimise the window then maximize it from the toolbar I get a
> fullscreen window but controls positioned as they were before I
> minimised. It seems as if the maximised window dimensions don't get
> passed to the resizer. Within the maximize event the scalewidth and
> scaleheight are both zero. It seems that the windows gets
> maximized but
> the controls only restored.
> Is this a known problem? It affects the Loft example code as well. Is
> there an accepted workaround?
> Ta, Iain
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