I used something like this in a project I started a couple of years ago. I'll post the script so you can see what it looks like, but it has been a long time since I have even looked at this script. I know it works, and it does get the folders on some levels, and you can see that. Some of the loops and prints are in there just because I was learning when I wrote this, and needed to see what was being returned.


This was the beginning of a little project to consolidate the data on when people were scheduled to be out of the office. It has some stuff I was doing to learn to navigate through the folders, and it navigates to a calendar object on our network, pulls relevant data, and puts it into Excel. I'd take out everything but the stuff you were asking for if I had a little time to spend on it, but as it is, I think you can see what I am doing, and get the information you need from it.


Let me know if you have further questions after you get a chance to look at this, and I'll see what I can do to help.


Hope this helps,


Steve H.



use Win32;
use Win32::OLE;
use Win32::OLE::Const
'Microsoft Outlook';
use Win32::OLE::NLS
qw( :DATE :LOCALE );
use BitWise
qw(RGB);                            # this is my module. You probably need to remove all references to RGB
# or to BitWise.

*Error = *Win32::OLE::LastError;         
# Create a shortcut because I'm a lazy typist.

# open an outlook object:
my $otl = Win32::OLE->new(
# create a session:
my $sess = $otl->Session();

# print the total number of Folders to search:
"Folders on this level: " . $sess->Folders->Count();
my $totalFolders = $sess->Folders->Count();

foreach (1 .. $totalFolders)
# print each key and value for each folder on this level:
"$_ is " . $sess->Folders(1)->{$_}. "\n" foreach sort keys %{$sess->Folders(1)};

# all work below this point is work I was actually doing to pull items from a spreadsheet
# and put them in an Excel spreadsheet.

my $cal = $sess->Folders(
'Public Folders')->Folders('All Public Folders')->Folders('National Practices');
$cal = $cal->Folders(
'Americas')->Folders('US')->Folders('Clusters')->Folders('Mid America')->Folders('Calendars');
$cal = $cal->Folders(
#outkeys ($cal);

my $item = $cal->Items(304);
#outkeys ($item);

# now get an Excel object and input the info;

my $xl = Win32::OLE->new(
$xl->{Visible} = 1;
my $book = $xl->WorkBooks->Add();
my $sheet = $book->Worksheets(1);
my $row = 2;
'A')->{ColumnWidth} = 30;
'B:C')->{ColumnWidth} = 15;
'D')->{ColumnWidth} = 80;
"A1:D1")->{Interior}->{Color} = RGB(0,0,0);
"A1:D1")->{Font}->{Color} = RGB(255, 255, 255);
"A1:D1")->{Font}->{Size} = 14;
"A1:D1")->{Font}->{Bold} = 1;
"A1")->{Value} = "SUBJECT";
"B1")->{Value} = "BEGIN";
"C1")->{Value} = "END";
"D1")->{Value} = "BODY";

# lets see what is in the Start key - I am looking for a date and time.

foreach (1 .. $cal->{UnReadItemCount})
    my $item = $cal->Items($_);
#print $item->Subject() . "\t" if $item;
"A$row")->{Value} = $item->Subject();
    my $start = $item->{Start};
#print $start->Date(DATE_LONGDATE) . " " . $start->Time() . "\t" if $start;
"B$row")->{Value} = $start;#= $start->Date(DATE_LONGDATE) . " " . $start->Time()  if $start;
      my $end = $item->{End};
#print $end->Date(DATE_LONGDATE) . " " . $end->Time() . "\n" if $end;
"D$row")->{Value} = $item->Body();
", $row++)->{Value} = $end;#->Date(DATE_LONGDATE) . " " . $end->Time()  if $end;
#my $subject = $item->Subject();
#print $subject . "\n";
#my $iteration = 1;

#while ($cal->Items($iteration))
#   print $cal->Items($iteration)->Subject() . "\n";
#   $iteration++;

sub outkeys
   my $hashref = $_[0];
"$_ = $hashref->{$_}\n" foreach sort keys %{$hashref};



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Does anyone have any examples of how to list all the folder names for a particular Outlook profile?
I'm looking at using Win32::OLE but can't figure out how to list ALL folder names.

Any help would be appreciated.

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