If you are using Activestate Perl, Date::Calc should be part of your standard distribution. If it is not part of your distribution, you can get it from CPAN. It has a lot of very useful functions. Look through it to see what all it has.


Using Date::Calc, here is one way you could do what you have asked:


use Date::Calc qw(:all);

my $date =

my @dateparts = split
m#\/#, $date;

# call the function from Date::Calc using arguments Year, Month, Day
my $dow = Day_of_Week(@dateparts[2, 1, 0]);

# print numeric day of week:

print $dow .

# make an array for day names:

my @days =
qw(Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday);

"The day of the week for $date is $days[$dow]\n"


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This shouldn't really go to this list but here goes.


I have a script where a user will enter a date in this format   25/11/2003


Does anyone know of a way with Perl to get the 'day' from this?  (Mon,Tue etc)




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