Hi all,


I’m trying to generate a text box within a window.



            -name => "Countdown_Text",

            -font => $font,

            -foreground => [0,255,0],

            -background => [0,0,255],

            -multiline => 1,

            -text => $Message,

            -left   => 0,

-top    => 0,

            -width => $Countdown_Width,

            -height => $Countdown_Height - 100,

-readonly => 1,

#          -align => center,




Simple problem; when I comment out the ‘align =>…’  statement then the text appears green on blue as per the prescribed colours.  When I apply the ‘align => center’ statement then the text is center aligned but comes out black on grey (system colours).  Does anyone know why the align is affecting the colour and what can be done to fix it?



Win32::GUI 0.0.558

Perl v5.8.0



Many thanks in advance,