#!perl -w use strict; use warnings; # Create perl's internal message window # Should make a difference on AS builds >=819, # that are running on win2K and above alarm(0); # Write a short html file to the current directory my $filename = 'delay_bug.html'; open my $fh, '>', $filename || die 'Open failed'; print $fh <<'EOF'; Delay Bug

Delay bug

EOF close $fh or die 'Close failed'; # Time how long it takes to launch a browser to see the the html my $start_time = time; system "start $filename"; my $end_time = time; # Tidy up 1 while unlink $filename; # Print a report use Win32(); print "Perl Version: $]\n"; print "Build number: ", Win32::BuildNumber(), "\n"; print "OS name : ", Win32::GetOSName(), "\n"; print "Elapsed time: ", $end_time - $start_time, "\n";