The results are already stored to the ini file so that when they run the script the next time they will have the menu items available to them.  The ini file is read in and the 'Message' section of the menu is created on startup of the script.

I want them to be able to access the menu items without having to restart the script.  Is it possible to do this?


At 6/19/2002 09:35 AM, you wrote:
Depends on what you want to happen. Do you want their changes to be saved to the .ini file or should the changes only last for that session. My suggestion is that you localize the building of the menu after they've made their edit (maybe a button event?) and store the shortcut/description relationship in a hash and write (or don't write) it to the .ini after the edit.

Another way to do it would be the brute force method, where they make the changes, save to .ini, and then restart the script (exec