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I was tasked with making a quick and dirty uninstaller that can be launched through SMS in order to give people without admin rights the right to uninstall things, and so I whipped up something quick and dirty (code below).  It actually works pretty well, but there's one big problem:  The combo box is longer than the height of the window, and while I can use the arrow keys to scroll up and down, I would much rather have a scroll bar in order to view the rest of the list.  What am I missing?  A quick search of the Google didn't really help much.

Just add -vscroll => 1 to your AddCombobox:

my $combo_box = $window->AddCombobox(-name => "UninstallList",
                                     -text => "Applications",
                                     -width => 500,
                                     -height => 120,
                                     -left => 10,
                                     -top => 10,
                                     -sort => 1,
                                     -dropdown => 1,
                                     -resizable => 0,
                                     -vscroll => 1,

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