Dear Rob,

Thanks for your reply.

1) Device: Intel 630 3GHz P4 HT, OS: WinXP Home SP2,
2) Perl v5.8.7,
3) Win32::GUI v1.03,
4) Win32::GUI::SplashScreen v0.02 from source.

Memory keeps becoming committed as viewed in TaskManager.  The display shows 100MB additionally committed, 200MB, 300MB, etc..  System returns to functional state on killing of process.  It also occured when I ran:

perl -MWin32::GUI::SplashScreen -e "print $Win32::GUI::SplashScreen::VERSION;"

My guess is that it is in the terminating part of the module as this occurs only when the main window and/or script is terminating as described previously.  I attach inline a second example script to the single line version call.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Win32::GUI::SplashScreen;


print "Test.\n";

A warning message given mentions a deep recursion in Win32::GUI::DIBitmap::AUTOLOAD. is located in D:\Perl\site\lib\Win32\GUI and referenced in @INC.


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Robert May wrote:
> Jerome,
> I'd like some further info to try and track this down.  I can't duplicate it here.
> Can you provide the following:
> (1) Your Windows version (95,98,NT,2000,XP)
> (2) Your perl version (first few lines from perl -v)
> (3) Your Win32::GUI version (perl -MWin32::GUI -e "print $Win32::GUI::VERSION")
> (4) Your Win32::GUI::SplashScreen version (perl -MWin32::GUI::SplashScreen -e "print $Win32::GUI::SplashScreen::VERSION")
> Additionally, how much memory do you think is leaking, and what tool(s) are you using to see this?  Can you provide a short but functional script that exhibits the problem?
> Regards,
> Rob.
> Jerome McKean wrote:
>> I am writing to report a Win32::GUI::SplashScreen memory bomb.
>> Win32::GUI::SplashScreen::Show($Splash) shows the splash screen yet when the main window and application attempt termination a memory bomb appears that continues to consume memory until OS function stops.  Win32::GUI::SplashScreen::Done has no effect.
>> Is there a quick fix?
>> Regards,
>> Jerome M^c Kean
>> Creator of Net::ICQ::On
>> Dream ƒrequency; Imagination Realised