I have noticed that if scrolling in a Win32::GUI::Textfield set to readonly does not refresh the text properly.. Has anyone else seen this?  It this something that could be fixed before the next release?


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Frazier, Joe Jr wrote:

>>I would have though that targeting a bug-fix only release for
>>a month's time might be realistic.  I'd like to get the
>>following done:
>>- fix as many of the trackers as possible
>>- get all the current sample code to work properly
>>- include all the examples from the tutorial (and check that
>>they all work :-), fixing the tutorial as necessary
>>- work on the test suite
>>- get a semi-decent web-page up as our Homepage at SourceForge.
>Hey, if possible, can someone come up with an example of using Win32::GUI with one or more background worker thread(s)?
Here's my threads example that I'm working on - funnily I was just
discussing it off-list.

#!perl -w
use strict;
use warnings;

use Win32::GUI;

use threads;
use Thread::Queue;

# Win32::GUI is not very thread friendly, so ensure the worker thread
# is created before you create any Win32::GUI objects
print "Boss: Starting\n";
print "Boss: creating queues\n";
my $qd = Thread::Queue->new();
my $qu = Thread::Queue->new();
print "Boss: creating worker thread\n";
my $t = threads->new(\&worker);

my $working = 0; # set by the boss when the worker is working
my $instruction = 1;

my $W = new Win32::GUI::Window (
        -pos => [100,100],
        -size => [200,200],
        -name => "MW",
) or die "Creating main window";

$W->AddButton (
        -text => "Execute Thread",
        -name => "But1",
) or die "Creating Button1";

# Timer is used to read results back from worker thread
$W->AddTimer( "Tim1", 1000) or die "Creating Timer";


# tidy up
print "Boss: Sending kill to worker\n";
print "Boss: About to wait for worker\n";
my $r = $t->join();
print "Boss: worker completed after executing $r instructions\n";


sub But1_Click
        print "Boss: Button Clicked: starting worker ($instruction)\n";
        $working = 1;

        return 1;

sub MW_Terminate
        if($working) {
                print "Boss: Can't exit while worker is working\n";
                return 0;

        return -1;

sub Tim1_Timer
        #print "Boss: timer went off\n";

        if(my $val = $qu->dequeue_nb()) {
                print "Boss: worker finished instruction $val\n";

        return 1;

# The worker thread entry point
sub worker
        print "Worker: starting\n";
        my $count = 0;

        print "Worker: waiting for instructions\n";
        while(my $num = $qd->dequeue()) {
                print "Worker: got instruction $num\n";
                for my $i (0..5) {
                        print "Worker:doing work ($i)\n";
                print "Worker: Done instruction $num\n";

        print "Worker: Terminating after $count instructions\n";
        return $count;

It wouldn't take much to turn it into a proper example.  Does this seem like the right way to do it?

> Something I would like to see for example would be a "list" of sites in say a Win32::GUI::Grid (or listview at worst case, if we want to not use extensions in the examples) with one or more threads that periodically(using a 20 second timer for example) connect to the sites and measure response times to populate another column on the Grid.

Interesting idea - again it wouldn't be very difficult

>I have seen one or two examples on the list for using threads, but it would be nice to have one in the core distribution.
>Also, has anyone created a PPM for this release yet?  If so, is it available on a repository, or only on the sourceforge site for download? 

There's a PPM in the bribes repository
  |ppm install http://www.bribes.org/perl/ppm/Win32-GUI.ppd
(I haven't tested it)

I am also in dialog with ActiveState, and it *should* get in their
repository on their next build cycle (which was supposed to be last
Tuesday night, but it doesn't look like it happened yet)


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