Hi Robert,
Thanks for the reply.  I'll head down the avenue of simple in this case :-).  How far along (if at all) is the IP Address control?  I wouldn't mind playing around with whatever you have.

On 5/2/06, Robert May <rmay@popeslane.clara.co.uk> wrote:
Brian Fredette wrote:
> An application I'm creating has a need to obtain IP address
> information from a user.  I'd like to be able to setup to
> screen to look similar to the windows tcp/ip properties panel.
> The ip address text boxes on that screen are different in that
> they seem to have embedded .'s.  Is there already a base control
> for this or some way to alter the attributes for the textbox
> control to behave  this way?

The standard IP Address control is not implemented in Win32::GUI - it's
on the TODO list.

You might be able to do something clever with a single line Textfield,
and catching all keystrokes, but it's probably quite hard.

Your best bet might be to have have 4 text boxes, separated with labels
showing '.'.

I'm sure others will be able to make more helpful suggestions.