What I'm looking to create is a page similar to the tcp/ip properties dialog which has 2 radio buttons.  The second button has a group box around it wich when checked enables other controls.
I was able to create the visual element by:
my $btnStatic = $main_window->AddButton(
        -name => "btnStatic",
        -pos => [30,130],
        -text => "Use the following IP Address:",
        -pushstyle => WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | 7,  # GroupBox
This gives me the visual element but using -pushstyle with AddRadioButton causes the radio button to disappear altogether.

On 4/27/06, Brian Fredette <bfredette@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Jason,
Thanks for the advice.  I was able to get things working with this method.  Another unrelated question .... is there a package to create a 3D type border around a control to visually group off some controls.