Hi all,
Here's another (probably dumb) newbie question.  How do I add controls to a tab strip item?  Logically it seems I would have to assign a parent to the control I'm creating ... but that doesn't seem to work:

use Win32::GUI;

my $main_window=new Win32::GUI::Window(
        -title=>"main window",


$main_window->tabs->InsertItem(-index =>0, -text=>"General");

my $lbltest = $main_window->AddLabel(
        -parent => $main_window->tabs->Select(0),
        -name => 'lbltest',
        -width => 100,
        -height => 30,
        -text => "Test label:",


sub main_window_Terminate {
 return -1;
I've tried different variations of parent and AddLabel to no avail.
Any help will be appreciated.