Problem sorted out, notes following…


TrackMouse does not make the events fire continuously until UnTrackMouse is called, but rather has them fire once, then needs to be called AGAIN after each event firing to make it function properly!




$w->Hook(WM_MOUSEHOVER, \&mouseHover);

$w->Hook(WM_MOUSELEAVE, \&mouseLeave);



Sub mouseHover{

            #blah blah


            Return 1;



Sub mouseLeave {

            #essentially the reverse of mouseHover




Jason P.


Ps- sry about the formatting, stupid Outlook @ work…


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As an addition to what I just sent (my apologies, im way out of it today), plz note that for some reason:






Ends up firing the subroutine once at initialization, and then never again.


Jason P.