I have an application that starts up with just a couple of buttons displayed in the main window. It all runs fine on my machine just running "perl ApplicationName.pl" and also running the exe file created using perlapp( with the options of -gui and -freestanding.)
However on other machines, when I attempt to run the exe file I find that on startup the buttons are there, but there is no text shown on them as it is on my machine. If you go on and push the button it causes a file navigator window to open. When this happens the text that should have been on the button all along suddenly shows up...
The file navigator window though has the background color of the icons shown as black.
It is almost as if background graphics for both the button and the icons are negated.
Has anyone else seen anything similar?
I'm running 5.6 from activestate and the corresponding release of win32:gui off the source forge web site.