I’ve got an app with LOTS of tabs and controls. But, per your description, you would not be exactly able to use the cluster management of the Loft.


You’ll need to show/hide the individual controls based on the tab’s switch event. I can’t unfortunately spend the time right now to provide this example as I am sitting at my work desk, but if you need it horrendously let me know and I will provide it as soon as I can.





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Hi folks
I'm absolutely new to The Loft software but I've been playing with the product to design a screen for use in administration on my school network. One issue I have is over clusters and how they appear to work and I'm wondering if anyone can offer some "Pearls of Wisdom" - forgive the pun.

Hypothetical Scenario
Assume I have three tabs called A, B and C (on a tabstrip). Also, suppose I have 5 controls named 1 - 5.

How can I get:
        A: to show all of the controls
        B: to show 2 - 4
        C: to show 3 - 5

I ask as my impression is from running Test showing of my screen design:

i) anything that is never selected appears on all tabs

ii) anything selected and linked to a tab via a cluster only appears on the associated tab and never on multiple tabs.

I'm sure I've got a mental block and there is a simple solution but all my testing seems to have me going round in circles.

Appreciate any help I can get.

Brian Rowlands
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