Grid (again).
My grid has a cell with a list in it. I don't know if that's significant but:
1: The reported grid Width is too small and a horizontal scroll bar is presented, and
2: The reported grid height is too short and a vertical scroll bar is presented.
The dimensions are:
[virtual  virtual + ]
  With   W/o   scroll bar
[ 156    176 ]  width
[ 190    200 ]  height
The virtual width and virtual height dimensions have been altered for appeal. The actual difference needed to remove the scroll bars are somewhat less.
My expectations were that the virtual width and height are sufficient so that no scroll bar is necessary. Is my interpretation wrong?
I do apologize for this long and seemingly endless series of questions and errata. I do think that it's better to report than withhold but if you would like, it really isn't necessary for me to report things that can be worked around.
There are some other issues that I've detected. I'm trying to get time to work up a test case illustrating when an onEvent is ignored in favor of the 'old' (but reliable) way to trap events. And there is one other piece of errata, if I can only remember what...