Robert May <> wrote:
Arthur Schwarz wrote:
> Robert;
> Would it be possible to expand the Grid implementation to include Cell
> tips and allow a multiselect option on List Boxes?


From what I can see from the documentation and code, tips are already
supported for cells, where the information is too long to display in the
available space, using the EnableTitleTips() method.
    I was thinking more in terms of tooltips. The Title
    Tips are not the same, as you have noted.

The GVIT_LIST style is actually a ComboBox, and Comboboxes don't support
multiple selection - besides, if you could have multiple selection, how
would you represent the multiple values in the cell once the selection
was made?
  If I understand your question correctly, allowing
  multiple selections can cause the grid cell to be
  populated with multiple values, each value separated
  by some mark, e.g., '|'. The user selects all entries
  needed and either the event handler or the under-
  lying software populates the cell with the
  selected values. Grid TitleTips are then available
  for displaying the values. Note that this
  implementation probably means that tooltips are not
  available for cells with combo boxes. The inverse
  operation (populating the multiselect list) is done
  by investigation of the grid cell or by an underlying
  hidden mechanism.
  This facilitates the ability to select, e.g., styles
  associated with a GUI object during editing by
  presenting all legal values to a user rather than
  having a user searching memory for needed, e.g.,

To do this you'd need to create a new class, subclassing one of the
GridCtlCell* classes to implement what you wanted - not something that
I'm likely to look at, but feel free to raise an RFC. If you can
persuade someone else to add this functionality to the underlying grid
control, then I'd e happ to have a go at integrating with the perl side
of things.
  If I knew what an RFC was .... On the other hand, and
  if you don't mind, I'll try to look at the XS file
  and give a hand at implementation. For my purposes
  the (potential) editor is a 'toy' without this type
  of capability. It requires that a 'casual' user have
  too much knowledge before the editor can be used. My
  own approach is to try to provide all needed inform-
  ation when needed if known, rather that to require
  that a user have a thorough understanding of Windows
  or Perl. I suspect that just to move the project
  along I will forgo this capability, and then
  implement it at a later stage.