On the topic of constants, in my humble way I thought that all constants were located in GUI::Constants. Is there a caveat to this?
On several separate notes, I'm trying to use Grid and am having a bit of trouble. Let me try to explain by the numbers:
1:  <nit> There seems to be some Windows stuff in the html file which may not make sense in a Perlish environment. 'lparam' (SetCellData) comes to mind but I believe there are other things.
2.  I can specify a cell is (contains?) a List Box or Combo Box but can't seem to populate the cell. There is a SetCellCheck and a SetCellText but nothing comparable for the Boxes. In other GUI contexts there is an Add. What am I missing?
I'd like to create a properties list for GUI objects (a la Loft). The properties have two components, <property name, property value>. The property value can be a single item, e.g., -height, or can be a list of values, e.g., -style = addstyle .... The single item case is well taken care of in Grid. The multiple item case can use an expandable interface of options in lieu of a single very, very long list. I would like to experiment with a List Box and Combo Box integrated within Grid for this latter purpose. Can't seem to get it off of ground floor and right now it seems that a hand-crafted solution is the only alternative. Am I missing a good bet?

Robert May <> wrote:
Arthur Schwarz wrote:
> As a separate note to Robert May, it appears that the following
> constants are missing from Win32::GUI::Constants (or I am missing the
> point):
   o o o
These are all exported by the Win32::GUI::Grid package if I remember


C:\WINDOWS>perl -MWin32::GUI::Grid -e "print GVIT_URL"