Thanks. I tried it and was able to get a check box displayed and I am working on getting the List and Combo box. Any suggestions on what, where , how, how much, or when would be a great help.
As a separate note to Robert May, it appears that the following constants are missing from Win32::GUI::Constants (or I am missing the point):
  GVIT_CHECK   = Check Box
  GVIT_DATE    = Date control
  GVIT_DATECAL = Date control with calendar control
  GVIT_COMBO   = Combo Box
  GVIT_LIST    = List Box
  GVIT_NUMERIC = Numeric control edit
  GVIT_TIME    = Time control
  GVIT_URL     = Url control
  GVL_BOTH Both vertical and horizontal grid lines
  GVL_NONE No grid lines.
  GVL_HORZ Horizontal grid lines only.
  GVL_VERT Vertical grid lines only.
  GVNI_ABOVE       = Search above initial cell
  GVNI_ALL         = Search all cells in the grid starting from the given cell
  GVNI_AREA        = Search all cells below and to the right of the given cell
  GVNI_BELOW       = Search below initial cell
  GVNI_DROPHILITED = Search for drop highlighted cells
  GVNI_FIXED       = Search for fixed cells
  GVNI_FOCUSED     = Search for focus cell
  GVNI_MODIFIED    = Search for modified cells
  GVNI_READONLY    = Search for read-only cells
  GVNI_SELECTED    = Search for selected cells
  GVNI_TOLEFT      = Search to the left of the initial cell
  GVNI_TORIGHT     = Search to the right of the initial cell
  GVS_BOTH Use fixed and non-fixed cells.
  GVS_DATA Use only non-fixed cells.
  GVS_DEFAULT Default.
  GVS_HEADER Use only the fixed cells.

Brian Millham <> wrote:
Hi Art,
You have it right.  You just got caught by the 0 index.  You are trying to set the contents of cell , but you should be setting cell 1.
     $Grid->SetCellType($row++, 1, $CellType);
  $Grid->SetCellOptions( 5, 1, 1 );  # button?
  $Grid->SetCellOptions( 6, 1, [ "Combo", "Box" ]);
  $Grid->SetCellOptions( 7, 1, [ "List", "Box" ]);

I changed the above lines, and your sample worked for me.
Brian Millham
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