Good Evening,

I am returning to this group after quite a break.
Folks, I need your help to make a business case for Win32::GUI as a rapid developement tool by coming Wednesday.
Basically it is Perl vs. VBS/HTA/.Net dilemma, which is not a
dilemma for me.
So, besides Rapid development capabilities, data structures, wealth
of CPAN modules, faster I/O operations, I need some examples of
Companies that are using Win32::GUI for their tools\utilities development and present some solid proof of Perl being faster/stronger/etc than VBS/HTA pair, no matter how technical they could be.
My management was presented with a simple notion that .Net is an
overkill for any rapid or add-on tool/utility where Win32::GUI
provide shorter learning curve, faster code development, etc..
Please, share your ideas or knowledge of internal Perl advantages over VBS/HTA.

Hope to hear from you soon,