A couple of months ago, after a new release, I found that all the textfields in my application were coming up highlighted. I didn’t mention it at the time, as I guessed the new release had just exposed a bug in my code, but after a bit more digging, I think it may be a problem with the –noflicker option. The following code provokes the problem on my system (Active Perl 5.8.3 build 809 with Win32-GUI 0.0.671 PPM from SourceForge):


use Win32::GUI;


my $menu = Win32::GUI::MakeMenu('File' => 'mnFile');


my $mw = new Win32::GUI::Window(

-name    => "mw",

            -title   => "Test",

            -pos     => [100, 100],

            -size    => [200, 100],

            -menu   => $menu,

            -noflicker => 1,




            -name   => "txDir",

            -left   => 5,

            -top    => 10,

            -size     => [180, 24],

            -text      => "Textfield",






Can anybody confirm this? I’m surprised nobody else has seen it… maybe they have?? The problem seems to be related to the interaction of –noflicker and the menu; if either option is commented out, the problem goes away. Any comments?



Glenn Munroe