Hi all,

Have a dumb question/issue.

I've coded up my GUI and am trying to do a simple thing of looping though records and for each record I want to fill in my GUI with the data for the current record and wait for the user to make some action...when the action is performed, then I process the action and go on to the next record...simple and I've got that part working as intended.

What I'm having a problem with is when there are no more records...the same method to populate the interface just goes into an infinite loop, anyone bump into this early on in their win32-gui codding childhood?

Here's a little snip of the code and the logic I think I'm trying to do...
my $InputFileTotalLines = @InputFileLines;

if($InputFileTotalLines == 0) {
          print "Closing up the file, the end has been reached my friend ($InputFileTotalLines:$INPUT_FILE_LINE_COUNT)...\n";
          close $OutputFileHandle if defined $OutputFileHandle;
          $INPUT_FILE_LINE_COUNT = 0;
          while(@InputFileLines) { shift @InputFileLines;}
      } else {
         ...do some other stuff

Thanks in advance,