Hello Jaun,


Sorry for offtopic question, but I’m very interested how do you plan to deal with tabstrip controls with XP style activated? In XP style it has white background but all controls that you put on it will have it default (gray). Or you just don’t use tabstrips in your apps?



Ilya Bandorin

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I've been trying to get a listview which looks like this: http://delphitutorial.info/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/next-grid.jpg as opposed to the old (and ugly) style: http://www.knowdotnet.com/articles/PrintListViewDemoForm.jpg

Robert's perl.exe.manifest file did the trick only it doesn't work after packing the script to an exe. Is there another way to use xp styles?

Also on the subject of Listview, how do you get row sorting functionality? (with an arrow on the column which the rows are being sorted by)

Any help appreciated,



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