Hmmmm..  This :
use Win32::GUI;
use Win32::API;

my $Window = new Win32::GUI::Window (
 -name   => "Window",  -topmost => 1, -left   => 300, -dialogui => 1, -top    => 400, -width  => 222, -addstyle => WS_VSCROLL, -height => 100, -text   => "Test",
 -events =>
  Terminate => sub { print "Dying\n"; return -1 },

-name =>"label",-top => '40',-left => '1',-text => "Label1",-tip => "This is a Label!",-width => 150,-height => 25,
-name =>"label2",-top => '70',-left => '1',-text => "Label2",-tip => "This is a Label!",-width => 150,-height => 25,
Seems to work and generates the scroll bar properly (ie, when its needed), but how to actually tell that there has been some scrolling and how much to move the control and the client window down.  By the way, the "handle" on the scroll bar is not movable.  It seems locked into place.  
 I assume there is a percentage of the scroll bar's current position and you use that to "move" the display of the client area.  The question is what is the event named, and how do you know how much to "scroll" the client area.  Anyone know?  Does it just not work, or has no one figured out the right syntax yet?

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I've updated the bug/feature request tracker at:
I've also added the bug about the broken menu tell tales. I would encourage you all to add your bugs and feature requests to the tracker!
Adding Scroll Bars
A window can display a data object, such as a  document or a bitmap, that is larger than the window's client area. When provided with a scroll bar, the user can scroll a data object in the client area to bring into  view the portions of the object that extend beyond the borders of the window.

The status bar is missing methods/functionality.
* Allow the creation of parts
* Setting text in each part
* Setting an icon in each part
* Tool tip for each part
* Display help for the current menu (difficult?)

The tool bar is missing methods/functionality
Lots of functionality missing (examples):
* Delete button method
* Enable/disable button method
* Hide/show button methods
* Tool tips
* Hit test
* Use of Imagelists (Hot, normal, disabled).
* Various basic events (R click etc)