Hello Maillist,


maybe you could help me.


When I rescale an Image the old image is still seen and not removed. How to do that?


When resizing the main window all is rewritten and looks fine. If I rescale the image via a button I have the strange effect.


Hopefully you understood my issue and can help me?!


Many Thanks


Here my example:

#perl -w


use Win32::GUI;

use Win32::GUI::DIBitmap;


$W = new Win32::GUI::Window (

    -title    => "Win32::GUI::DIBitmap test",

    -left     => 100,

    -top      => 100,

    -width    => 600,

    -height   => 400,

    -name     => "Window",

) or die "new Window";


         $W->AddButton(-name=> "MINSIZE",-text=>"PIC",-left=>1,-top=>250,-width=>30,-height=>30,-visible=>1,);

         my $dib = newFromFile Win32::GUI::DIBitmap ('temp/temp.tif');

         my $x; my $y;




sub MINSIZE_Click { $x+=10;  $y+=10; Paint(); }

sub Window_Resize {  Paint(); }

sub Window_Activate { Paint(); }

sub Window_Terminate { $W->PostQuitMessage(0); }

sub Paint {

     Win32::GUI::DC::ReleaseDC($W, $dc);

    $dc = new Win32::GUI::DC ($W);

    $dispdib = $dib -> Rescale(200-$x, 200-$y);