having problem below for quite some time and no working solution... could someone please help?

so the gui that i'm working with, currently to make a selection from a combobox, i would do a dropdown, select by index, then send TAB key and the gui would stick and setting works:
SendMessage($hnd, 0x014F, 1, 0); #showdropdown of combobox
SelComboItem($hnd, $index); #select combobox by index number
Sendkeys ("{TAB}")

problem is with a different gui, the above don't work. And the only to make the gui stick and settings valid is: to do a mouse click, then an image in a static class would change.

i guess what would be best is to do a mouse click on the dropdown combobox and click on the desired item. i've tried mouseclick() but this don't work.

does anyone have any suggestion or know of any win32 gui function that will solve this problem?


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