Hi! I've written a perl-win32-GUI to do some initialization stuff on an umts modem and then ask for a password (the SIM PIN). Everything works absolutely fine if executed in user context. Next I tried to do this initialization and password-GUI-interaction in system context and start it before windows logon as a local service. This is because I want to enable my users to do a real windows domain logon over UMTS (and a VPN-Tunnel behind it..). I installed the program as a service via the MS Program srvany.exe and a short pl-script i found somewhere else (File "run_as_service.pl"). Here comes the problem: The services starts correctly at boot time (my logs with timestamps told me so), but the GUI does'nt show up on the desktop, so I can't fill in the password. When logging in to the system, the whole GUI appears, I can fill in the password and the programs does what it's supposed to be. But without setting the SIM PIN before logon, which is not possible because the windows does not appear, my aim is far away from being reached. Any suggestions, how I can display the perl-win32-gui before a normal user logs in?? thx, Gonzo run_as_service.pl

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