Your code is bad. What you're doing is creating a floating "BorderlessWindow" positioned over the top of the main window. If you want to put your window *INSIDE* the client area I suggest you do this:
use Win32::API;
our $SETPARENT = new Win32::API("user32","SetParent","NN","N") or croak "Failed to load SetParent from user32.dll";
my $child = new Win32::GUI::DialogBox(
    -parent => $win,
    -name => "Child",
    -left => 0,
    -top => 0,
    -text => "Child",
    -width => 100,
    -height => 100,
    -style => WS_CHILD,
$SETPARENT->Call($child->{-handle}, $win->{-handle});
$child->Width($child->Width); # force update.
After doing this stuff, you'll find you have a dialogbox inside the main window. It also clips if you drag it "out" of the main window, so it truely is inside. You can even give it a WS_CAPTION and drag it around in the client area.
Giving things a -parent argument does NOT mean SetParent is called on them in Win32::GUI.
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The example below will only work on the latest code line from CVS.
I'm trying to get my head round using scroll bars. In my test example I want to create a window containing one tab strip. In the tab strip there will be a child window containing a scroll bar and 10 buttons. Scrolling the scroll bar will move the buttons into and out view.
Now, the scrolling part works fine - but is using a child window in this way the correct approach? For example, interacting with the child window (clicking on a button, or scrolling) loses focus (which you would expect for a normal window) but is not the correct behaviour in this case. Am I missing something fundamental?
Apologies for the dodgy code - is a hack job:)
use Win32::GUI;
use Win32::GUI::BorderlessWindow;
#create the main window
my $win = new Win32::GUI::Window (
 -name => "MainWin",
 -left => 0,
 -top => 100,
 -width => 500,
 -height => 300,
 -sizable => 1,
 -text => "Scrollbar Test 2",
 -noflicker => 1,
#create a tab strip
$win->AddTabStrip (
 -name => "Tab",
 -left => 0,
 -top => 100,
 -width => 250,
 -height => 150, 
$win->Tab->InsertItem(-text => 'Some Tab');
#create a child window with a scroll bar
my $childwin = new Win32::GUI::BorderlessWindow (
 -name => "Child",
 -parent =>$win,
 -left => 10,
 -top => 250,
 -width => 200,
 -height => 120,
 -hscroll => 1,
 -noflicker => 1,
 -onScroll => \&scrolled
#create content for our child window, 10 buttons.
foreach (0..9) {
  $childwin->AddButton (
           -name     => "Button".$_,
           -pos      => [$_*50, 30],
           -size     => [50, 20],
           -text     => 'Button'.$_,);
#set the scrollbar range and starting pos
sub scrolled {
 my($object,$bar,$operation,$pos) = @_;
 my $string;
 #Scroll the buttons...
 if($operation == SB_THUMBTRACK) {
    foreach (0..9) {