Whoa PMX is shoddy.
I got the message you mentioned when I first tried it, but after that I get "Memory could not be 'read'" at 0x0000000. If I disable all the NEM stuff and then go to the about screen, when I click OK the program locks up.
I'm looking into the crash out of curiosity. If something can cause a crash like that then it's not good and must be fixed.
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For a while I've been having strange behaviour in the NEM - I've always assumed it was something that I was doing (or not doing). Basically it's when you mix NEM and OEM. As an example, look at pmx.pl in the samples folder. It mainly uses OEM, but has a couple of NEM calls.
If you run it from the command line, and select any menu item, you get an
"Undefined subroutine &main:: called at pmx.pl line 383."
If you comment out the two places that use NEM calls (line 43, and lines 79 to 81) the program runs fine.
I've tried -eventmodel but this makes no difference.
Is this a bug?