Hello everyone,
Apologies if I've missed something obvious with this...
 To start, this is what I'm running:
- WinXP SP2
- Perl 5.8.8 Build 820
- Win32::GUI 1.0.5
- Windows Notepad clone: http://www.koders.com/perl/fidB18829AABB0A5DECEF04D53957FFEB1C2BFD38DD.aspx?s=calculate

I've taken the notepad clone from the link and have augmented it for use in parsing large logs (copy&paste logs into the window, then running customized scripts from the menu), unfortunately when I paste the log info into the window (generated by Win32::GUI::Window), it's getting truncated after about 220 lines (29781 bytes) and I can no longer type anything else into the window.

I was using Win32::GUI 1.0.3 and upgraded to 1.0.5 but still have the problem.

Any help much appreciated!
- Lincoln

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