Hi All,
A new Win32::GUI release is availlable.
This release come from 0.0.665 Fix CVS branch.
See on sourceforge for sources and PPM for ActivePerl 5.005, 5.6 & 5.8.
This release of Win32::GUI introduces many bug fix and new features :

New :
    - Add anti-flicker option (-noflicker).
    - Add new methods and documentation for TabStrip, StatusBar, Rebard, Toolbar.
    - Add new options for Menu.
    - Add loading ressources from exe file.
    - Add SetEvent and GetEvent for NEM event system.
    - Add support for scrollbar in Window and DialogBox.
Fix :
    - Left() and Top() don't perform translation for non child window.
    - Update Hook for multiple hooks per message.
    - Fix some event handling problems.
    - Fix some doc generation problems.
Html documentation is include in PPM distribution and automaticly add in ActiveState package index documentation.
Have fun,