Yes that is also possible.  Try this:
To set the cursor in the textfield:
Jonathan Southwick
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Thanks for this

I can now capture the text

What I would also like to do is start with the cursor in the text box rather than having to click on it.

Is that possible and if so how do I do it


Mike Solomon

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To get the text in the box:
To set the text:


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I have just started looking at Win32 Gui
What I want to do is put up a text box and allow a user to enter data then
capture it
By looking at code posted here I have written the following: use Win32::GUI;
$Frame = new Win32::GUI::Window(
* name => "aFrame",
* top => 100,
* left => 150,
* width => 350,
* height => 200,
* title => "Test Win32::GUI",
* name => "aTextField",
* top => 50,
* left => 20,
* height => 20,
* width => 300,
* prompt => "Type a text here : ",
* name => "aButton",
* text => "OK",
* top => 90,
* left => 150,
* height => 25
* width => 50,

sub aFrame_Terminate {
* 1;

sub aButton_Click {
print "test\n";

What I haven't worked out how to do is to access the text entered.  Also I want the cursor to start in the text box rather than having to click on it.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Mike Solomon
Technical Manager
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