The option -eventmodel => 'both' - is this new?
I have been experiencing really odd problems as I've been converting my app from OEM to NEM - I had assumed it was my code - Is there problems using a mixture of OEM and NEM?
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From: Laurent ROCHER
To: Jez White ; Win32 GUI Hackers
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: [perl-win32-gui-hackers] Rebar.xs - Some Changes

I try to commit on CVS but Developer CVS access will be offline for maintenance :(
I found and correct BandInfo crash. I have add some new methods too.
See change in attached file.
For me, HeightChange don't work only if you use NEM in main window and OEM for Rebar.
It work in pure OEM model or pure NEM model.
Problem is in NEM_WindowMsgLoop.
Set default PerlResult value to -2. 
And add option below in your main window for use both NEM/EOM.
    -eventmodel => 'both',
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From: Jez White
To: Win32 GUI Hackers
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 2:47 PM
Subject: [perl-win32-gui-hackers] Rebar.xs - Some Changes

I've gone through Rebar.xs and added documentation for all the methods - I've also created two new methods, ShowBand and HideBand.
The method BandInfo is broken (causes a crash). The ChangeBand method is missing, and would be similar in structure to BandInfo -  but both are beyond my skills to fix/add. There are a couple of useful missing methods and events but I couldn't get them working.
The event HeightChange works, but only under NEM.
The major issue left is to be able to add a toolbar to one of the bands. From my basic understanding of the code Win32::GUI expects a parent window when creating a toolbar, so there is no way to create a stand alone tool bar which can then added to a rebar band (a good example of this )
I've also got a couple of examples that may be worth adding to the samples directory - has this been created on CVS yet?
I've created a tracker item for the problems.
I would be grateful if someone could commit these changes.