Would any one have any objections if I change (fix depending on your viewpoint:) ) the BeginPaint and EndPaint functions in GUI.xs?
I think these functions are left over from previous versions (along with the other painting/drawing functions in GUI.xs). They are currently not used by any other internal functions, nor are they documented anywhere. The general usage would stay the same, but I plan to return the details as an array (dc,x,y,x1,x2,flag) rather than messing with the object itself. I think this would be cleaner, faster and more like other xs functions.
In general usage these functions would be used in conjunction with a Hooked WS_PAINT message, allowing the users program to handle the painting of window directly. A good example, would be the bitmap scrolling example ask for by Glenn Linderman, instead of painting the bitmap into a image control, it could be painted direct into the windows DC (I'll try and put together an example this weekend).