Hi all,
    It's probably not a problem to made new PPM more regular from CVS source code for people don't want/can build it.
    But, it's more developpement PPM than new WIn32-GUI release.
    We need a new place for put it. I think to a specific donwload group on sourceforge (a package name like Win32-GUI Dev).
    If i can, i try to build new ppm this week-end. I use my personnal web space for publish it, until new sourceforge download entry added.
    For building HTML documentation from source code i use 2 perl script in docs subdirectory (you can found it in source distribution). I do this :
cd docs
del ./html/*.*
del ./pod/*.*
perl dodoc.pl
perl dohtml.pl
    I think it's probably a good idea to add samples directory on CVS too.
    It's permit to add/update/enchance/document it for future Source distribution.