It's too late for me, i look this tomorrow ;o)
For your patch, a zip file like this it's not a problem (I use winmerge).
If you want to have CVS commit access, register a user on Sourceforge and send a mail to Aldo with your ID.
He give you developper access to Win32::GUI project.
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From: Steve Pick
To: Laurent ROCHER ; Win32 GUI Hackers
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 12:15 AM
Subject: FIXES: [perl-win32-gui-hackers] CVS Commit

I have fixed the following bugs:
1. Rehashed the way Win32::GUI::Class constructor detects xp or not. Removed the whole ELSE condition of that part that checks the OS version; it's not needed since if -color is not set, it's set to the correct color later on in the constructor.
2. I was wrong about this one, I think.
3. Timers don't work with NEM. I fixed it like so: You add timers as normal, but also create add an onTimer option to your window. When a timer triggers, onTimer is called with the string argument of the timer that triggered. Had to define a new NEM event in GUI.h to support this:
#define PERLWIN32GUI_NEM_TIMER    0x08000000
4. Looked into this, and made one change: DoEvent_NEM was always returning -2 (saying it hadnt handled the event) when it should have returned 0. Now if it finds an appropriate event, it sets perlresult to default to 0. Perlresult can still be overridden by an error or something after this setting.
5. Exactly.
My bugfixed version is available here:
The changes are scattered everywhere. If you have some kind of patch-generating program, that'd be a good idea. Patch relative to current CVS.